Meetings are webcast

(Article from the December 2013 Edition of Torfaen Talks)

Meetings are webcast

All of Torfaen council’s main meetings are now broadcast live on the Internet.

The council began webcasting its meetings in October, with more than 1,500 people tuning into the first webcast. The council has signed a three-year contract with webcasting provider Public-i, using funding from Welsh Government, to promote citizen engagement in local democracy. The service will encourage greater engagement in council business and decision-making. Residents can watch live meetings and download relevant documents such as reports, plans or presentations.

The leader of Torfaen council, councillor Bob Wellington, said: “The introduction of webcasting has been a great success. It is helping us reach more and more people and encourage them to have their say on the decisions that affect them.

“We’ve already seen how effective and influential social media can be in helping the council reach new audiences and the introduction of webcasting will take this online engagement further.”


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