Police preparations for NATO summit progress

(Article from the August 2014 Edition of Torfaen Talks)

This September, more than 60 world leaders will attend the NATO Summit at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.

A series of associated events will also take place in Cardiff on 4-5 September. In preparation for the summit, Gwent Police and South Wales Police are planning ahead to ensure the event is safe and that any potential disruption is minimised. This will be one of the largest security operations ever undertaken in the UK, with extra officers and staff from all over the country arriving in the area to help police the event.

So, how could this affect you…

  • Normal policing will be maintained, neighbourhood officers will continue their daily duties.
  • Security will rely on the safe transportation and accommodation of guests. This will inevitably impact upon traffic and pedestrian flow around the areas being used for the summit. It is anticipated impacts will be focused around the Celtic Manor Resort, Cardiff city centre and the roads in between, particularly the M4.
  • Significant and unavoidable congestion is anticipated at certain times on 4-5 September and the use of public transport is advisable, especially around Newport. Updated information will be available at www.gov.uk/nato-wales-local
  • NATO summits have previously provided a focus for protestors and the police service respects the right for peaceful protest.
  • Police will try to ensure any disruption is minimised.

All emergency services will continue to operate throughout the summit. If you have any concerns, talk to your local officer or call 101 for non-emergencies. In the event of an emergency, always call 999.

For information, go to www.gwent.police.uk, visit www.gov.uk/nato-wales-local, join the online Neighbourhood Watch at www.owl.co.uk/gwent, like www.facebook.com/gwentpoliceand follow @gwentpolice on Twitter.


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