Convergence 2007-2013

The Convergence programmes for West Wales and the Valleys have invested approx. £1.8 billion of Structural Funds support from the European Union.

Covering 15 local authority areas in West Wales and the Valleys, the Convergence programmes comprised funding from two separate European Structural Funds:

  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • European Social Fund (ESF)

Just over £1 billion of ERDF funds has been invested to help build the knowledge economy and help new and existing businesses to grow. ERDF funds have also been invested on regenerating Wales’ most deprived communities, tackling climate change and improving transport. Over £700 million from the ESF has been invested to help people into work, tackle economic inactivity, and increase skills and training.

Together, with match funding from public and private sector sources, Convergence funds have driven a total investment of £3.35 billion across West Wales and the Valleys.

Torfaen County Borough Council has benefitted from the support provided by Convergence funding for several projects.Details of how some of these projects that have helped to regenerate our town centres, supporting people back into work, revolutionising the learning environments for our young people and helping them to reach their full potential are featured in the document Europe and South East Wales.

Last Modified: 29/01/2020
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