EU Policy

Keeping abreast of emerging EU Policy information provides Torfaen Council with an opportunity to be aware of future changes, funding trends and links to local, regional and national policy that affect the Local Authority. 

This information is critical as it enables forward planning of services, and ensures that the Local Authority is aware of and included in the processes and decisions that affect it. 

The team provides regular updates and alerts on current and future policies and priorities, from European to local level, and relevant to service areas and wards, in order to:

  • understand/link the contribution of projects to local, regional and national policy;
  • keep track of funding trends;
  • follow policy changes in specific areas;
  • and make, influence and respond to local/national policy.

For more information please contact the European Policy & External Funding Team on 01495 742143 or 01495 742147.

Last Modified: 05/12/2018
For more information contact:

European Policy & External Funding

Tel: 01495 742143/742147


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